Exotics:Titanium    •    HRSAs (Nickel-/Iron-/Cobalt-based)    •    Thermal/Plasma/Wire Spray
Steels:Stainless Steels    •    Alloy Steels    •    Hardened Steels
Cast Irons:Compacted Graphite Iron   •   Ductile Iron   •   Austempered Ductile Iron    •    Gray Iron
Cast Aluminum:Cast Aluminum (PCD alternative)    •    Aluminum-Iron Bi-metals

Rotary-Insert Machining

We make parts in our shop. We have to meet quality, delivery, and profitability just like you do. We get it. Question: do you despise waste and inefficiency like we do? Waste annoys us. It’s troubling, even maddening. Using less than all the cutting edge on an insert… Running our machines at 50, 60… even 90% below their feed capability… And cranking up the surface speed just means indexing tools even more often.

These are the realities of machining. At Revocut, we’re out to face these realities head on and slash waste — wasted time, wasted energy. Our answer can be yours too — tooling hardware plus application strategies that might just make you say “Whoa! Did you see that?!” It’s time for tooling to keep up with the machine-tool, to spark some excitement with amazing speed that keeps going and going. Imagine finishing cuts that don’t crawl along at low feed just to meet surface finish. Imagine roughing cuts in steels and exotics at speeds that don’t inspire a snooze.

Rotating-insert cutting tools can make it happen — continuous indexing of the full circumference of the cutting edge, no potential for notch wear, management of heat, and smart use of the large insert radius.

Check out the short video to the right to see how rotary-insert machining works.

Rotary-Insert Tooling

Lathe Turning
Lathe Boring
Cylinder Boring
Face Milling